The panel devotes itself to fostering creativity in pupils through participation in Art and Music. Through creative expression, the pupils are able to develop skills and enrich their academic performance.

The panel is spearheaded by teachers from different regions in our country with richness in diversity.

A lot of pomp and creativity is displayed during pupils’ performances. They perform poetry, drama, dance and fashion shows. Pupils are able to enhance their different cultures in beautiful costumes, face painting and ornaments. They beat drums, shake rattles and play the Kayamba.

The panel has furnished some of the school walls with wonderful murals that demonstrate high quality standards. The creative art lessons are eagerly anticipated as the pupils enjoy expressing themselves artistically.


Ballet is an expressive form of art that provides both mental and physical activity. Ballet is the basic foundation for most forms of dance thus creates a strong foundation for future dance activities. The physical activity in ballet also strengthens body muscles and enhances agility.

Our ballet instructor has proven experience in developing dance skills and working with children to develop their creative potential and confidence through different forms of expression. 


Taekwondo teaches life skills and also provides a form of self-defense. Skills learnt in Taekwondo such as self-discipline and respect enable development of a more grounded individual who can better manage both peer pressure and stress. Taekwondo also enhances physical fitness and body strength through the skills learnt such as flexibility, balance and coordination. These all build up to enhance self-esteem and confidence.

Our Taekwondo instructor has proven experience in developing life skills and physical skills in the learners through teaching Taekwondo principles.