We believe that every child’s right to play is paramount and therefore take it seriously.

Our main activities are:

  • Physical Education Instructions (P.E.)
  • Games (Every Friday afternoon)
  • Swimming (different classes daily)

We as a department have a clear blue print on the activities for the year:

  • The Olerai Annual Cross Country – 1st Term
  • The Olerai Annual Sports day – 2nd Term
  • The Olerai Swimming Galla – 3rd Term
  • The Olerai Fun Day – 3rd Term

Other notable programmes include:

  • Inter-School competitions
  • The “BOLT” Tournament (Baptist School, Olerai Schools, Laiser Hill School, Thorn Tree School).

We intend to extend the scope of the BOLT tournament to include more schools.

Welcome and sample our melting pot of talent!